About this site

This website is hosted by Te Puna Huihuinga Kaimahi | The Employee-led Networks Team

A gateway for opportunities

The Employee Led Networks site acts as a portal where interested employees can get basic information about the networks that are available in agencies, locations and areas of interest. You can also find resources, event of interest to different networks, and contact information.

Here you can connect with like-miinded people and contribute to or learn about the work of the networks that interest you.

Government agency Chief Executives want to ensure that the public sector workforce reflects all facets of our diversity – gender, age, life stage, disability, ethnicity, thinking, religion, lifestyle and working culture – to create truly inclusive workplaces.

Site management

The Employee-led Networks Team manages the website in consultation with other network representatives. For more information, please get in touch.

Our Māori name

The Māori name for the Employee Led Networks website, Te Puna Huihuinga Kaimahi, means 'the wellspring or gathering place of workers'. It was developed in consultation with Stephen Ihaka of the Office of Treaty Settlements. The name reflects the site's intention to be a place where public sector employees can come together to share ideas, kōrero, tikanga, knowledge, resources, and more – all the facets of our diversity.

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